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101 Grrreat Quickies

Remember when your mother taught you to never deface a book? Well, forget her advice and rip (literally!) into Laura Corn's 101 Grrreat Quickies. 

The author of 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex is working her magic again. As she puts it, "You make love. Sometimes slow and passionately. Sometimes all night. And sometimes, on occasion, you've done it quickly, half dressed, in a very special way. You've done a 'Quickie.'" 

This book contains 101 sealed "coupons" of quickies for you and your lover to tear from the book. Some are "for her to unzip," and some are for him. When the time is right, you present the coupon to your lover, who must immediately stop what he or she is doing in order to do what the coupon indicates. 

These quickies come with tantalizing names, enticing you to take a look, but as each is "zipped" on all sides, no peeking is allowed. Sit with your partner and choose a coupon to redeem later. How can you resist coupons such as "Call of the Wild," "The Foreplay Gourmet," "A Brush with Lust," and "Passion Fruit"? No need to do these in order--in fact, you may want to build up to the "Laura Corn Challenge." 

Whether you want to light a fire in an older relationship or are looking to spark some fun in a new one, this book (which promises that nothing is "dangerous, embarrassing, humiliating or requires you to be one of the Flying Wallendas") just may give you the courage to utter these words to your lover: "I want you and I want you right here and right now!"

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