You Just Became A Millionaire
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You Just Became A Millionaire

You Just Became A Millionaire Suppose you suddenly became wealthy - the stock market, your company made an initial public offering, the lottery, an inheritance or a "big win" at a casino...and had more money than you could ever imagine. What would you do? Buy a huge house, dazzling jewelry and luxury cars? Take trips to exotic locations? Support charities? Finance your own political campaigns? How would your friends and family act if they became millionaires? Would it change you, and if so, how? Designed for 3 to 6 players, the object of You Just Became A MILLIONAIRE® is to amass the most money by betting you can correctly guess how "instant wealth" is going to affect the other players. Barbara Jonas, who co-developed the game, with her husband/partner, Michael, observed, "You may think you know someone well, but could you guess what he or she would be like if they were new millionaires? Do you know your family or friends' fantasies about wealth? The fun of our game is finding out."

You Just Became A MILLIONAIRE® allow players to experience the fantasies, joys and the consequences associated with gaining sudden, massive wealth. "Watching someone else win a million dollars has obvious appeal, but this game lets each player discover the pleasures and the possibilities for themselves," noted Mark Stark, Vice-President of Marketing for Hasbro Games. "Even though ours is 'play' money, You Just Became A MILLIONAIRE® gives people a real taste of how coming into that kind of affluence can change your life, and all the various choices you get to make with tons of money at your disposal. It's great fun to play, and we anticipate that lots of consumers will want the experience for themselves."

Reviewing the game, Business Start-Up magazine said:

You Just Became a MILLIONAIRE® [is] a game that transforms players into instant millionaires, and combines the sweet taste of wealth with a healthy dose of self-reflection."

How the Game is played

Players become instant millionaires by starting the game with $20,000,000. They then bet on their ability to guess how other players will answer questions regarding their newfound wealth. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

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